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Robot 2.0 Hindi Movie Download | 720p, 480p, 1.7GB 884MB Full HD

Download Robot 2.0 Hindi Movie in High Quality DVDRip 720p, 480p, 1.7GB 884MB Direct download link Full Movie Download Robot 2.0 Hindi Movie Robot 2.0 is the biggest action movie of 2018 Robot 2.0 movie original download link, but first, we started let’s see some details about Robot 2.0 movie.

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Why To download Robot 2.0 Hindi Movie?

Robot 2.0 Hindi Movie Download? in any case, why, since you know Robot 2.0 Movie is the greatest activity motion picture. In this picture you can see about life of animals. Thier are so many Network Radiation. Robot 2.0 Movie is all about for Mobile Network Radition these radiation are so harmful for Birds and Animals thier are so many birds kill by the Radiation and no one take action. In Robot 2.0 Movie Akshay Kumar (Pakshi Rajan) is a Villian and Rajinikanth Dr. Vaseegaran / Chitti is a Hero

Warning – Pirating of Any Movie Is Illegal and We Are Not Supporting Any Things Like That, We Are Only Doing For Help Purpose Who Have Not A Money For Buy A Tickets like poor people, also we are not going to leak any movie, all the download link is provided by another site, only we are going to put their download link on our website only for educational purpose.

How To Download Robot 2.0 Movie

Download the Robot 2.0 Hindi Movie is very simple just you need to follow these all step, I am 100% sure you will get your Robot 2.0 Hindi Movie. First of all click on download button, download button is below then you are redirect to new webpage wait 10 second the click on “generate button” then you will get download button, click download button then your movie download is ready. Note: you need good internet connection due to your download speed is good. You cam download in pc or mobile both.

Where to watch Robot 2.0 Movie Online?

There are many platforms to watch Robot 2.0 movies online. You can visit your local theatre and watch Robot 2.0 movie there, it might not be the best option for some of you. So, in order to help you, I came with an idea. You can visit my link below and watch Robot 2.0 movie online. This link is free of cost. The link will only be updated as soon as the movie is released. We cannot update the link before the release of movie as it is against our policy. Robot 2.0 can also be found in some of the legal streaming sites. You can also try some of the legal streaming sites. The link to the legal streaming site is also given below.

  • Prime Video
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  • Google Play Movies

Robot 2.0 Movie: Wikipedia

Robot 2.0 is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language science fiction action film written and directed by S. Shankar, and co-written by B. Jeyamohan. Produced by Subaskaran under the banner of Lyca Productions. As the second instalment in the Enthiran franchise, 2.0 is a standalone sequel to Enthiran (2010), featuring Rajinikanth reprising the roles of Vaseegaran and Chitti, alongside Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajohn, and K. Ganesh appear in supporting roles. The film follows the conflict between Chitti, the once dismantled humanoid robot, and Pakshi Rajan, a former ornithologist who seeks vengeance upon cell phone users to prevent avian population decline. The soundtrack is composed by A. R. Rahman, with lyrics written by Madhan Karky and Na. Muthukumar.

Produced on an estimated budget of ₹570 crore (US$82 million), 2.0 is the most expensive Indian film to date. Production began in 2015, with principal photography conducted at AVM Studios later that year. The first schedule was filmed at EVP World. Scenes were primarily shot in India, particularly in Chennai’s Madras Boat Club and Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Filming was completed by August 2017. The film is the first in Indian cinema to be natively shot in 3D, which was done by cinematographer Nirav Shah. Legacy Effects made their return to construct prosthetic makeup and animatronics, with visual effects supervised by V. Srinivas Mohan. Editing was handled by Anthony and production design was conducted by T. Muthuraj.

2.0 was released worldwide in both 3D and conventional format on 29 November 2018, along with its dubbed versions in Hindi and Telugu. It received generally positive reviews upon release. Critics particularly praised the film’s visual effects, performances of Rajinikanth and Kumar, and social message; the pace and screenplay received criticism. It earned ₹117.34 crore (US$17 million) worldwide on its first day, which was the second highest ever for an Indian film. The film crossed ₹520 crore (US$75 million) in its opening weekend to be the highest-grossing film worldwide for that week. 2.0 is the second highest-grossing film in India and is the fifth highest-grossing Indian film worldwide.

Robot 2.0 Movie Story Line

Vaseegaran presents Nila, his new humanoid robot who is his own associate, to a gathering of understudies. Presently, an understudy’s cell phone abruptly starts flying, displaying avian qualities. After a short time, mobile phones all over Chennai start to take off, leaving the city in turmoil. At a crisis chamber meeting started by the administration, Vaseegaran articulates that it is past customary science to battle what he thinks about a fifth power, and proposes reestablishing Chitti, which was destroyed in 2010. In any case, Dhinendra Bohra, who lost his dad to Chitti’s anger,[a] contradicts, and the gathering chooses to look for help from the military, accordingly vetoing Vaseegaran’s proposition.

The developing stream of PDAs leaves destruction in its way, murdering a cell phone distributer Jayanth Kumar, a transmission tower proprietor Manoj Lulla, and the state’s telecom serve Vaira Moorthy. To counteract further harm, S. Vijay Kumar, the Home Minister, informally gives Vaseegaran consent to reconstruct Chitti. Chitti follows the cell phones.

Vaseegaran then gains from Chitti that the feathered creature is controlled by the air of a person, which oozes adverse vitality. The radiation from the recieving wires of such sign transmitters and atmospheres of other living life forms are emphatically charged while those of the dead are adversely charged, enabling the illustrative transmitters to repulse the winged animal. Had it entered the electromagnetic field created by the transmitters, the radiation from the reception apparatuses would have killed the feathered creature, keeping it from reassembling. Vaseegaran imitates a littler form of those transmitters to annihilate the feathered creature. During balance, Vaseegaran discovers that the negative atmosphere is from Pakshi Rajan.

Pakshi Rajan used to be an ornithologist who possessed the now relinquished house where fowls would come and live with him. Slowly, high-recurrence radiation from the recently set up cell towers starts murdering the fowls because of the fast development of cell phone businesses. Pakshi then visits Jayanth Kumar, Manoj Lulla, and the telecom serve so as to demand them to stop their vile and unlawful exercises yet it is futile. He additionally sorts out gatherings and fights against the over the top utilization of mobile phones yet gets no help. At last, every one of his feathered creatures bite the dust, and a troubled Pakshi Rajan balances himself to death from a cell tower. His life vitality, alongside that of various dead feathered creatures, consolidate together to shape a quality that controls cell phones into any structure through electromagnetic radiation.

Chitti reactivates the transmitters and kills Pakshi, putting away his vitality in a regulation circuit. Be that as it may, envious of Chitti’s resurgence, Dhinendra sneaks into the AIRD Institute and liberates Pakshi’s quality from the control circuit. The quality enters Vaseegaran, empowering Pakshi Rajan to have his body and assault people. Chitti falters to murder him, as it would mean slaughtering Vaseegaran as well. Exploiting this, Pakshi dismantles Chitti.

Nila takes Chitti back to the lab and remakes its body, supplanting its microchip with the red chip made by Bohra,[a] which results in Chitti’s savage design, form 2.0, being in charge. Nila compels it from hurting anybody however Pakshi Rajan. Chitti then makes more forms of its resemblance. In the mean time, Pakshi assumes control over a packed football arena and opens Dhinendra to radiation from the close by cell towers, burning and killing him. Chitti, alongside its military of robots, shows up and goes up against him, bringing about a fight between the two. Be that as it may, its battery channels, and it races to the closest power station. During this time, microbots taking after Chitti, called Kutti variant 3.0, show up mounted on white pigeons and go up against Pakshi Rajan, who can’t kill the observers now as it would imply that the pigeons would likewise get killed. At a certain point Pakshi’s quality leaves Vaseegaran’s body. The microbots then lead his atmosphere to the sign transmission site, where Pakshi Rajan is dispensed with. Vaseegaran recoups in the emergency clinic and tells Vijay Kumar, who comes to see him, that he feels Pakshi Rajan was an upright individual who turned into a casualty of the degenerate society. He additionally recommends that everybody should restrict the utilization of telephones, and ration the lives of winged animals however much as could reasonably be expected. Chitti, presently reestablished to its unique form, starts an association with Nila, to which Vaseegaran gives his assent.

In a post-credits scene, Sana gets some information about the likelihood of cell phones flying once more. Promptly, Vaseegaran’s versatile flies out of his hand and transforms into Kutti 3.0, saying, “I am your grandson”.

Robot 2.0 Movie:- Detail

Robot 2.0 Movie Type: Robot 2.0 movie is a action or adventure type movie

Robot 2.0 Country Launch: Robot 2.0 movie will be launched in World wide.

Robot 2.0 Movie Language: Robot 2.0 movie will be released in the Hindi and Telegu Language.

Robot 2.0 Movie Released Date: Robot 2.0 was released worldwide in both 3D and conventional format on 29 November 2018

Robot 2.0 Movie Hero Name: The hero of Robot 2.0 movie is Rajnikanth and Villian is Akshay Kumar.

Robot 2.0 Budget: The budget for Robot 2.0 movie is 570 Crore INR.

Robot 2.0 Movie Production: Robot 2.0 movie is Produced by Subaskaran under the banner of Lyca Productions.

My Personal Opinion About Robot 2.0

My closely-held conviction about this film is that it is fundamentally a special visualization based motion picture. The battle scenes are excellent in this motion picture. Be that as it may, story astute it isn’t profound.

Through this film, Sankaran needs to give us a message about how we change our reality for our methods. We, people, are in reality narrow minded. we need to keep this discharging this radiation underneath a protected point of confinement. In such a case that we execute our environment for innovation progression, finally, we will have nothing in our grasp and Earth will demolish.

Robot 2.0 Movie Trailer

Robot 2.0 Cast and Crew

  • Rajinikanth in three roles as
  1. Vaseegaran, a researcher who made a modern robot in his resemblance with a craving to    commission it into the Indian Army. He presented the robot as Chitti.
  2. Chitti, a progressed “andro-humanoid” robot. It was planned with a speed limit of 1 Terahertz (Hz) and a memory limit of 1 Zettabyte.
  3. Kitti, a microbot made by Chitti 2.0, that can change and camouflage itself as a cell phone.
  • Akshay Kumar as Pakshi Rajan
An ornithologist who worked a feathered creature haven, Pakshi Rajan fights over the top utilization of cell phones expecting that high-recurrence electromagnetic radiation from cell destinations is undermining avian life. He reports it to Jayanth, the media communications priest, and Manoj, however they ignore the issue deliberately. Profoundly baffled, Pakshi balances himself to death from a cell tower. Presently his quality, joined with the negative vitality of expired flying creatures, can control mobile phones with electromagnetic radiation, which happens to be viewed as a fifth power. Pakshi’s Tamil and Telugu voice is named by Jayaprakash.
  • Amy Jackson as Nila
A local and female humanoid robot made by Vaseegaran, whose name is a constriction of “Decent, Intelligent, Lovely Assistant”. This robot is intended to be a companion, assistant, and overseer. It can drive, perform measurable examination, bounce dividers and impair electronic alerts. Afterward, it experiences passionate feelings for Chitti. Nila’s Tamil and Telugu voice is named by Raveena Ravi.
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Dhinendra “Dhina” Bohra
A researcher and the child of Dr. Bohra, who was once executed by Chitti. After his dad’s passing, Dhina expect the robot to be Vaseegaran’s change self image and wishes to render retribution on him. He happens to be the principal individual to voice against the reestablishment of Chitti in the administration meeting. Afterward, he likewise winds up envious of Chitti’s resurgence and, sneaking into the AIRD Institute, he liberates Pakshi’s emanation from the control circuit.
  • Adil Hussain as Minister S. Vijay Kumar
  • Ishari K. Ganesh as Jayanth Kumar
  • Kalabhavan Shajohn as Vaira Moorthy, Minister of Telecommunications
  • Kaizaad Kotwal as Manoj Lulla
  • Anant Mahadevan as Head of the meeting
  • Mayilsamy as the personal assistant of Vaira Moorthy
  • Priya Prince as Pakshi Rajan’s mother
  • Mayur Bansiwal as Pakshi Rajan’s father
  • Sanchana Natarajan as a student visiting Vaseegaran’s lab
  • Maya S. Krishnan as a student visiting Vaseegaran’s lab
  • Murali Satagopan as a student visiting Vaseegaran’s lab
  • Avijit Dutt as Dr.Sam
  • Savitha Reddy as Sana (voice only)

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